Makobu Enterprises PLC is a general trading company established in 1993.  We are importers and distributors of prime quality agricultural inputs, spraying equipments and public health related products.  MakoBu currently represents world renowned companies, Monsanto, BASF, and JACTO and supports them technically in market development works, final registration of their products and business growth in Ethiopia.

SEMINIS brand high-quality hybrid vegetable seeds from Monsanto Seminis is the newest addition to our line of business.

MakoBu Enterprises PLC is also involved in technology transfer to farmers on a national scale with special emphasis towards promotion of Conservation Agriculture that would significantly reduce land degradation while increasing food crop production and improving soil fertility.   Our company in collaboration with Sasakawa Global 2000 (SG-2000) has been promoting Conservation Agriculture in Ethiopia for over 13 years.  The experience gained through this endeavor has positioned us well in the market, in terms of providing regular and effective technical support to our patron customers – which include large scale state and private commercial farms, cooperative union and small-holder farmers.    


To positively contribute to the realization of a transformed, productive and modern agriculture sector in Ethiopia.


  • To provide environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and economically viable agricultural and public health related products timely.
  • To satisfy the needs of our customers and broader market through supplying prime quality products backed by professional after sales technical support/services.


MakoBu Enterprises PLC currently imports and distributes, registered high-standard agricultural inputs such as SEMINIS brand vegetable seeds, Roundup, Stomp CS, Rex Duo, Fastac 10 EC, PIX, Reagent and Beef Up Oil.   In view of the fast growing agricultural investment in the country, our company continues with registering as many top of the range inputs as possible such as Roundup Turbo 450, Allegro SC, and Nomax 150SC.

In order to contribute to the overall efforts towards possiblly controlling and eradicating Malaria in the country, MakoBu imports and distributes WHOPES approved and globally accepted brand of Long-Lasting Insecticidal Mosquito Nets(LLINs), known as the INTERCEPTOR from BASF.

MakoBu understands the importance of reducing our carbon footprint to the extent possible, therefore in order to contribute to this end we import and distribute Clean Cook Stove (CCS) which utilizes Ethanol, the virtually carbon-emission free household gas fuel, with a goal of manufacturing these stoves locally starting in the near future.

News & Events

Rex Duo – a new fungicide with

  • Dual systemic action
  • Protective and curative action
  • Efficient control of most important diseases in cereal and sugar beet
  • Good performance ratio to cost per ha